10 x 10 Blogger Index

I’m going to be starting the 10 x 10 challenge today, and would like to create an organized index of bloggers who are participating, so that we can see each other’s outfits and trade inspiration.

Update: I have made my first post for this challenge! I was nervous at first, especially about my photography, but I decided not to let it stop me. There is time to learn as I go, and after all, I’m just a beginner. Anyway, you can read it here.

Update: On the second day I just literally just wore the same outfit as the first day with a different photo.

The 10 x 10 challenge is a challenge to only wear 10 pieces for 10 days, remixing to get a variety of different looks. It means different things to different people. Possible reasons for trying the challenge are:

-Experimenting living with less for an upcoming downsize

-Use pieces you already own in new ways

-Mix and match pieces you might not try together regularly

-Get an item you love but don’t know how to use into rotation by pairing it with favorites in different combinations

-Reduce decision fatigue

-Make the rest of your clothing feel more fresh and interesting when you finish the challenge

First, the two bloggers that are hosting the challenge:

Un-fancy and Style Bee.

Other bloggers:

Cotton Cashmere Cathair

Harben Porter

Laura’s Daily Outlook

Michelle in Japan

Seasons + Salt

Style This Life

The Umbrella Life

An Uncluttered Life

Newly added: Up For Wonder

More bloggers will be added in alphabetical order as soon as possible!

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