Winter 10×10 – Outfit 4, 7, 8 and 10

I have worn this black dress 4/10 outfits, and one of the other unseen outfits was just black leggings + black turtleneck, a winning formula of the past 60 years. Shout out to this comfy Jersey dress for making it through 3 days of using the scroll saw and tons of saw dust at school with kids, and trying out 2 new baking recipes, while only being washed 1 time. Honestly, it’s a miracle. I got this years ago for $8 during an American Apparel clearance sale and didn’t wear it for two years because it didn’t fit my style. However, I could tell it was special and kept it, and for the past year, have worn it multiple times a week. If you know something is special…you should keep it.

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