Resolution check in

I was inspired by Michele’s post to do a resolution check in. 

Well, my main resolution was to get healthy. I haven’t talked about it yet on this blog, but I’ve been having autoimmune issues – both with rhumatoid arthritis and also hypothyroid. It is my resolution to do everything possible to resolve these issues, despite the fact that they are largely out of my control. 
I did a good job working out using Ballet Beautiful, which is rigorous but low impact, and worked out using one 15 minute section of Ballet Beautiful blasts each day for the first half of January, while my girlfriend was on vacation in Sweden. She got back, and I kept it up, doing it almost every day until the end of January. This month, I have really been screwing up and hardly done any at all. But, it’s OK. I know I have limited energy and I’m barely making it through regular housekeeping tasks and work, and I like to work out, so I know when I have energy I’ll do it again. I haven’t failed yet.
Other than that, I’ve been getting the blood work I need and remembering my medicine, so that’s all I can do right now about this resolution.
My other resolution was not to buy any clothing this year. I have really failed at that one. The year before last, I didn’t buy anything at all because my aunt was downsizing and I had inherited a ton of very cool vintage clothes, so that was just like shopping. 
Last year, for the first half of the year, I felt really messed up and like nothing fit. I Kon-Mari’d and replaced some things that needed replacing. While cleaning, I realized all my flats were totally worn out and causing me to walk wrong and trip and hurt my ankle, which was already weak from (unknown as yet to me) rhumatoid arthritis. So, I replaced my flats. Then, I got a few comfy Helmut Lang skirts and dresses for almost nothing from sales on the Real Real and people on eBay with poor photography skills (My mom found a brand new Helmut Lang skirt for $10. Yes, really). 
So, this year I felt pretty set up… And yet in January, my first purchase:

An Express top and ASOS tulle prom skirt. I am actually excusing myself from guilt on these ones, and the shoes below, because they were specified by my sister for my bridesmaid outfit at her wedding. My mom was already being difficult about what she was willing to wear, so I was just compliant. It’s already stressful enough to plan a wedding. There is no use fretting about this topic. The skirt was $40 and the shirt was on sale for $20 and I’ll wear both again. Considering my girlfriend had to buy a $300 dress that could never be worn again no matter how much boutiques insist they can be for her brother’s wedding…this was a steal and I will ACTUALLY wear both of these items again. 

Also got these for the wedding, since she specifically gold flat sandals. I already had these bookmarked on Poshmark and they were only $15 with shipping. I don’t have a single pair of sandals other than this, and these were second hand. Nothing wrong at all here!

Okay, here’s where it all starts to go wrong. American Apparel is going out of business and I loaded up my cart with comfy Jersey and ponte dresses… Then realized I was a medium and got the only one still available in medium. This was $13 and I love it and will wear it. I definitely didn’t need it. 
I panicked because it seemed like there would never be an opportunity to get American Apparel again. FALSE! I almost always get things second hand and American Apparel stuff will be circulating for years to come.
Now… For the worst…

After I got my American Apparel dress and liked it so much…I became obsessed with this cloud dress from Mimu Maxi and was not able to resist the sale, although it was not a particularly drastic or juicy sale. Like I said, I rarely buy new stuff. It was $56 and that is definitely the most I have spent on an item of clothing other than shoes. But I became obsessed and I couldn’t stop myself even though thoughts like these were running through my head:

  • I already have the American Apparel one that is very similar
  • I have 2 Helmut Lang skirts that can be used with tops to create a similar silhouette
  • I really have a lot of clothes already
  • I promised myself not to buy anything
  • I could probably make this if I had 8 hours and downloaded a pattern from Etsy

But, I was seized by a greed so powerful it brooks argument. Through lack of self control in other words. 
Nevertheless, I will enjoy it when it comes and dream of days walking around in the gray fog and sleet, wrapped in a cloud and feeling so cozy. 
Even though I want less stuff, I’m less obsessed with the idea than others. I have a lot of clothes, and they get phased in and out as trends pass through the years. If I got rid of anything I didn’t wear in 6 months or even a year, I’d be getting rid of some of my best and most beloved stuff that I just know will have it’s day one day. One day I will write about unearthing forgotten favorites and maybe even explain why it’s minimalist not to get rid of things (because words have lost their meanings). 

2 thoughts on “Resolution check in”

  1. I totally feel you on not exercising. I’ve been trying so hard but I’ve just been so tired and lethargic lately. I love all those outfits on you especially the bottom dress! I also am so sad American Apparel is going out of business but I can’t bring myself to buy anything because I don’t need anymore clothes and also…I have no idea about their sizing!


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