A leather tote bag is a fashion staple that you should avoid

Every time I read a list of fashion basics, or fashion staples, or capsule wardrobe examples, a leather tote bag is, without exception, included. I used to think it was true, but in fact, any chiropractor would tell you it is not true.


I used to wear a leather tote bag that was vintage, made in Spain, that I got for $25 at Du Bois fabrics. Me and my girlfriend were flying to Seattle, to check it out because she had some job offers there, and my bag went off in the metal detector. I really couldn’t figure out what it was! So I was standing there, running late, pulling out all my mini color block makeup bags that I got as a set at Target, and used for different purposes like makeup, writing implements, etc., to organize everything in my superlarge bag.


Finally, I found my leatherman tool in one of the bags that were supposed to help me organize. I had “lost” it the month prior and had been unknowingly carrying it everywhere every day!


Carrying around a leatherman multi tool for over a month without knowing it was really my wake up call. Leather tote bags are remarkably heavy and inefficient. Unless you get a camera bag that includes a heavy and padded organizer, everything pools in the bottom four inches of the bag and your items ste knocking around, swimming in stuff soup, and impossible to find at night without a headlamp.


When I was shopping for new, smaller bags, my girlfriend pointed out that leather itself was heavy. I had literally never thought of this. Leather seemed like the ONLY option for a sturdy, everyday “kind of an investment but not really  a true investment bag because I’m not some kind of person buying a Celiné or Hermes bag”.


Anyway, after she pointed out how heavy to me just leather by itself (without even putting all the stuff I carry around everyday) is, I decided to get a nylon bag. I got a Prada 8x8x2 Testusso crossbody bag with an authentication card from Poshmark, and I have been happy using it everyday for almost a year. I take it to divey hipster bars and on hikes without worrying. It’s easy to spot clean.


Prada Testusso baguette bags are very fairly priced on the Real Real, and I think that is a very good option! The baguette is very out of style for no good reason. The long, shallow shape makes finding all your stuff easy. I really don’t understand bucket bags or other bags that are longer than they are wide, because you can really only use the few inches along the bottom for everyday purposes. A purse shouldn’t be an archeological dig.


Plus, I think baguettes will come back in 3 years when people can stop saying 2006 was so horrible. I like baguettes and 3/4 tights,.



7 thoughts on “A leather tote bag is a fashion staple that you should avoid”

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a leather tote bag. I’m a big fan of backpack purses these days because they even out the heaviness on both shoulders. Your Prada bag sounds nice! I did a quick google search but I was unsure of which one it is. Either way when you find a good bag it doesn’t really matter if it’s in style or not right?


    1. I like the idea of back packs and they are much better for your back, but I’ve been wearing shoulder bags since I was in 3rd grade and feel very unbalanced in public without one, so I’ll never switch even though I like the style and practically of a backpack. Instead of evening out the heaviness…I just stopped carrying around so much heavy stuff. If I need to carry my laptop or my giant medical information folder, I take a separate canvas tote just for the day.

      I’ll add a picture later, I just wanted to make a post because I had been neglecting blogging so much. I have not seen the same one as mine online, but the person selling it had got it in Hong Kong 20 years ago as a gift (and never worn it!) so it’s not such a shock doesn’t turn up much. I didn’t get a baguette because I wanted to bike hands free, but I just mentioned it since they are the cheapest nylon Prada bags and I love them and just know they will be back in style soon!

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      1. Oh! I can’t wait for your picture! Maybe it is a special Asia region bag? I’ve noticed in Japan and other areas name brand bags tend to be a bit different from anything I’ve seen back in the states so it could be something like that (which would make it even more special).
        Blogging is difficult! I have issues coming up with things so I have to keep making challenges for myself or just posting outfit posts haha.

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      2. I am just too lazy! I have lots of ideas I just wish I could stop leaving them as comments on Archana from to universe with love’s posts and make my own posts! But I feel like the level of research and evidence I would need to present to make anyone give a second thought to the idea that “ethical Capitalism” might not be the savior would be so high that I never do it. Just the idea that capitalism might not be the only economic system possible is considered soooooo radical…

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      3. If you do ever get around to it though, I’d love to read it. And I’ll check out that blog! Yeah, I feel you on the laziness. I used to be so passionate about minorities represented in media and would write a lot about it and even wrote my senior thesis about it in college but lately I feel that it’s not my place to write about minorities and instead I need to support minority writers instead of writing for them because the whole white savior thing isn’t my deal.

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      4. You are a Jew, so you can write about that! 14 bomb threats to JCCs today… Now’s the time for Jews to shine… As a targeted minority (as always throughout history). Jews are never really considered white by people who target minorities, like the KKK, neo-nazis and white nationalists, so I don’t see why it’s inappropriate or white saviorish for Jews to be involved in related activism.

        Solidarity and supporting black, indigenous and other minorites is also part of it; I am with you on that. There is no need to speak over them on issues specific to their communities, just to support and amplify their voices.

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