Spring 10×10 – Outfit 4

I am way behind and I think I have broken the 10×10 rules and gone over 10, even disincluding shoes! I’m on spring break, and I didn’t carefully plan it out or think ahead. Usually a 10×10 is way for me since I’m at work, which is the same temperature and I wear the same clothes… But I’ve been gardening, hiking and actually going out for drinks with my friends, as well as loafing around the house. There has been more variety in activity and weather this week. 
Maybe next time I will check the weather, plan it out and even take flat lays or hanger photos of my items. Or maybe I won’t add another task to my to do list…!

Anyway, this dress is a reappearance of my American Apparel dress I got for $8 on sale a few years ago, also included in my winter 10×10. This is probably still my favorite dress, and I wear it for almost every activity: lounging, working and going out. It is a real work horse! I find it a little sad American Apparel went out of business… But not that bad since Dov Charney was a well known creep. At least the factory workers were paid well and it was made in America. I’m sure every brand has a less well-known chauvinistic pedophile in its employ, and they objectify women just as much but catch less flack for it. 

What is moral to buy? Probably only trading with your friends and their friends at clothing swaps where extra is donated to shelters for domestic abuse victims, and freecycle. This Cat and Girl comic from the other week was spot on and I’ll be thinking of it forever when people talk about ethical brands or moral consumerism. 

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