Spring 10×10 – All my uncounted outfits so far

This is the MimuMaxi dress I became a totally bad girl and broke my buying ban for in January right away. It is my favorite dress right now and I have worn it for the past 3 days and there is no one to stop me.
Is it some kind of magic thing that makes me feel happy, free, myself and not stressed? Well yes, at least about how I look that day. There is nothing to worry about or adjust and I can stay home and garden and clean or go out. Sometimes I still feel tired or sad – but those are just normal emotions. If capsule closet bloggers made you think a perfect wardrobe would be an end to negative emotions, wise up.

You are allowed to experience negative emotions and you don’t have to ban your brain from thinking them. There are bad situations and you are allowed to feel bad about them. It really irks me to be told there are no bad situations, only bad emotions. I wanted to write a longer post about this topic … But I’m fixated and have to have a short rant right now. Let me tell you, the world is in a very bad state. We have a loose cannon for a president and he’s not a normal guy who’s going to make sure to get congressional approval before carrying out military action.

In other (unrelated) news, I made a yummy flourless, kosher for Passover recipe which was light, airy and delicious. After watching many failures on the Great British Baking Show, I was just chuffed it came out so well! Chag Pesach sameach to anyone celebrating!

5 thoughts on “Spring 10×10 – All my uncounted outfits so far”

  1. Hey there! I found you through un-fancy and wanted to check out your dress! šŸ™‚ looks very comfie! I did feel like I just had to say something about your rant though regarding the president and the way military decisions are made… that it may actually be a blessing that we are not in a country where he gets military approval… as it is, he needs to have congressional approval, otherwise we are at high risk of becoming a military run state (president=chief of executive order anyway… that is, who is executing the law). We don’t want the head executor ALSO making the laws. That being said, and this may or may not be a moot point, depending on the real source of any given individual’s frustration, President Obama authorized air strikes in both Iraq and Syria back in September of 2014, sans congressional approval. All that to say, I wish folks on both sides of the fence could simply just honor the Constitution and the balance of powers as it was set up.
    I hope you get many more wears out of your new BFF of a dress! It looks so versatile and classic!!

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    1. OOops! Will correct that – I meant congressional approval. I was just on hold (with Chris van Hollen lol) while I was writing my rant and got distracted. Thanks for the fact check!


  2. Chag Pesach! And lovely dress! I know you from To Universe With Love, so it’s good to see your blog too. I agree with you that emotion is a reaction to context, as opposed to some internal happening which should be hampered! We live in connection to a wider world, despite our culture being very individually focused. I think psychology can be deceptive when it takes away social, political, environmental context and history and then treats emotions (and people) like a wonky computer!! GRRR!! You know, there’s quite a lovely article (called Trump University by AA Gill) which looks at how seeing people as individuals (as opposed to a part of a greater community or human family) may just have helped win Trump the vote! Heck.
    And I agree, clothes don’t solve all problems (were they ever meant to?). I think if anything, marketing aims to make people feel unhappy with the promise that buying some stuff might make it better. And if we don’t…well then…buy something else…good to know it is okay to just have our feelings sometimes, no matter what they relate to. It gives us an ability to respond in the ways we might like best.
    But Chag Pesach. We need angels to protect us (and all others too) in these times.

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    1. I will check out that article! I agree – individualistic solutions are sought after by the way our society sees things when a broader solution is needed. But — I also see why people go for that. It feels like you can’t control other people’s actions – you can only control your own. And that’s somewhat true. But, in reality, other’s actions can be controlled. That’s what the law is. Do you sit at a red stoplight in the middle of the night with no traffic instead of going through it because you just feel like waiting there or because it’s the law? I feel like the individualistic solutions are just to keep people from realizing the power of organizing, and also stem from the past 50 years of union breaking which make it seem hard or impossible to organize.

      And NO clothes were never meant to solve all your problems — but that is the promise of marketing. Organize your closet, get your capsule wardrobe under control and your life will be easier…you will feel lighter…your home will be cleaner and instagrammier…you will feel less stressed…everything will be OK in the end, even though most of those things are only tangentially connected to clothing.


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