My fall classes have started. Discrete math will be hard. It’s a whole new way of thinking and requires original thought.

It bothers me to think I’m spending all this time studying to chase a career. Hours every day so that in a few years, I can work for a corporation and solve their problems. Help them make more money.


But it doesn’t bother me to do all this work to learn something new. To learn math, which I liked until I fell horribly behind in 6th grade when I had an evil teacher who closed the windows in a school without AC to punish us if we were being “bad”.

Reading and solving the logic problems makes me think of having so much fun in math class and even choosing an extra math class in 4th grade. The teacher really made a difference. It feels good to learn something I thought I was so bad at for long a long, even though it doesn’t come to me effortlessly.


So, I try to think of it just as learning and self improvement, which I have positive association​s with, rather than grinding so later I can grind some more for the corporate ogre, which is clearly negative.


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