Why do you like work?

The other day I found Revolution at Point Zero in my “junk room”. I began rereading it and remembered that it was this very book that made me hate work so much.

Before that, I bought into the idea that it was OK for me to be paid not so much, because what I was doing (teaching) was positive, so it was actually I who was the real beneficiary of the work.

Are we not hearing again the same glorification of housework, which has traditionally served to justify its unpaid status, by contrasting this, “meaningful, useful and more importantly unselfish activity” with the presumably greedy aspirations of those who demand to be paid for their work?

Silvia Federici “The Restructuring of Housework and Reproduction”

And, I believed this for a while, and thought it was ok to get a very small raise or no raise because I loved my work and I loved my students. But it is work and not a hobby and eventually I woke up. I would not accept the same wage for more responsibility, more experience, and more education. Love is not a wage and it cannot be treated is as part of the compensation package.

I’m constantly arguing with myself. Should I be trying to change my opinion of work so that I can enjoy it?

I constantly read people saying they like work and won’t stop even once they are financially independent. I can’t help thinking that the idea of ‘liking work’ is a massive delusion that benefits only capital. People ‘like work’ because they have been raised in a capitalist society.

Only from a capitalist viewpoint being productive is a moral virtue, if not moral imperative. From the viewpoint of the working class, being productive simply means being exploited.

Silvia Federici “Counterplanning from the Kitchen”

Nevertheless, I have to spend at least 7 or 8 years of my life (after I finish grad school in 2 years) working.

2 thoughts on “Why do you like work?”

  1. Good post.

    I think that can be “like work” people without being exploited. Is the fact that you think your job is the most perfect done as you could, so is satisfactory regardless of who benefits from it. I mean is more about the way you like to do the things you do and not about who take advantage of you (that, of course, they DO take advantage of you).

    Of course, you have a value as worker and you don’t have to work “for love” if you don’t feel it.
    One of my personal fights is not to look other people, not compare myself. On that way, I can do more things for passion and not because power, reputation, cash,…

    And now I’m asking myself… How capitalist am I educated? Is that how they want me to think? Is just this thinking what they want on the population? Arrg… Too much redundancy! Until now, I’ve been working for 8 years too and keep not having the answer…

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    1. You can do a job perfectly that is totally evil…”just doing as you are told” can be quite dangerous.

      What gives you the idea you are capitalist educated and in what ways do you think you are not?


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