Need vs. want


Another word to strike from the vocabulary to be successful in business, after removing “just”, which women were supposed to have done last summer.

First of all, I’d like to point out that changing women’s vocabulary instead of changing the sexist structure and policies corporate offices is a ridiculous suggestion that only exists to place the blame on women for the pay gap and promotion gap. If you state what is being suggested in plain terms, it is obviously ridiculous.

“If women stop saying certain words and phrases, then workplace equality will be achieved.”

An article recently came up in my feed suggesting this. Now, we are supposed to say “I want to close two more deals by the end of the month” instead of “I need to close two deals by the end of the month.” Language is so powerful. We should change our language. It will change our thinking.  Then we will want to do these tasks instead of admitting that we are required to do tasks in order to keep a job, and keeping a job is the only condition under which we are allowed to live.

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