Mr. Money Mustache is making all the right choices and everyone else is making the wrong ones

Just kidding.

Have you read his self-important articles saying things like that you only have to have one kid and no dogs (just like him)? Soon I’ll start making the argument that you (i.e. everybody) only needs to have one dog and no kids, just like me. It’s obviously cheaper than Mr. Money Mustache’s suggestion. And less stressful.

Honestly, what is wrong with Mr. Money Mustache? He has no idea that other people might make different choices. He can’t fathom that other people in different situations than he is in might have a point of view and might even have thoughts that he himself never thought.

He hates cars so much but could not imagine a single person who might need one…if you have a disability or live in a rural area why not just go fuck yourself? Cars are for lazy fatasses, according to Mr. Money Mustache.

Plus, I always wonder, why does he hate fat people so much? Time to chill. Being fat isn’t a moral failing like he makes it out to be. Hating fat people is just as unhealthy as being fat and causes many doctors to make medical errors by suggesting people lose weight rather than…actually listening to their patient’s symptoms and considering what could be causing them.

I’m so glad for blogs that can understand that other people have different experiences than they themselves have, like frugalwoods, frugalasianfiance, and the low-key lackingambition.  I honestly cracked up when I saw Mr. Frugalwoods give him a dose of reality in the comments of this gauche April Fool’s Day post, where Mr. Money Mustache comes off as completely tonedeaf. Ctrl+f frugalwoods and you will laugh as well.

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