In and out


I’ve had this suit for maybe 8 years. I’ve tried to wear the jacket for years. It never quite felt right. I felt awkward all day.

But this style of pants has come back in. I was jealous of Archana’s (of To Universe With Love) pleated chinos (of all things… If you remember the early 2000s you’ll remember how pleated pants were mocked mercilessly).

I was thinking…I want pants like that. None of my pants fit me since I changed sizes, so I should have some pants. (I do have leggings and sweat pants since size doesn’t matter so much on those, and since I don’t have to look businessy since I’m only going to school and not working, shouldn’t that be enough?)

Then I remembered I had this suit. I haven’t been able to wear it, because for a while, the pants were a little too small in the waist. This is why I don’t believe you should get rid of things if they haven’t fit you in 6 months/a year. It’s normal to fluctuate between the years. It’s not like I’m keeping stuff I don’t fit into because I wish I was bigger or smaller. I just know that I have been both bigger and smaller and will one-day probably be that size again.

But now they fit perfectly and have everything I liked about Archana’s pants: loose, comfy, navy.

I wore the suit to a job fair last week and felt fine, without any self concienceness I typically experience wearing this outfit. It’s back in style, although it’s still easy to tell this is vintage and not new.


It was easy to put on and wear to class with a Ben Sherman polo. A suit is an easy outfit.

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