Winter 10×10 – Outfit 3

I wore the same turtle neck, a drapey Helmut Lang skirt, and my same Clark’s DBs. I wore a slip so my skirt wouldn’t stick to my tights, which is the bane of my existence and something nobody else seems to notice, because I always see women in tights with skirts completely plastered to their legs. Slips are forgotten technology.

4 thoughts on “Winter 10×10 – Outfit 3”

    1. The one I wore is silk from Nordstrom – it’s vintage and I got it at the thrift store. There are always tons because they apparently baffle people, because people cannot imagine such a garment would have use in the modern world) so they are constantly donated.


      1. Slips remind me of my great grandma, whom I admire greatly, so for me they’re worth wearing just for that alone. I think so much of the zero waste movement is forgotten knowledge from prior generations. I never knew about synthetics being such a problem, until I started reading Ariana and Archana, but now I am sold on natural materials. I will keep my eyes peeled…


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