Cut your hair


I never went to a very expensive salon – I usually spend only $20 on a haircut and I only get a hair cut twice a year. I don’t dye my hair. I bleached it once, which was the worst experience of my life. I broke out in hives for months, engaged in risky behavior due to being blonde (it truly makes one go crazy) and had to wait over a year for undamaged hair. If I had liked it, I would have been worse off because then I’d be on the hook for dozens of dollars a month (to do at home) or thousands a year (to avoid roots at a salon), and tons of mental energy spent worrying about roots.


But, after my girlfriend got clippers and I started buzzing her hair, and I got clippers for my dog and started buzzing her hair as well, I felt like the spendy one. So I asked my girlfriend to cut my hair. As she was cutting, she kept making comments about it… Nervous comments…I really started panicking and almost stopped her half way through. But, in the end, it turned out fine and I have gotten many compliments. Next time, she will use a comb like a professional and maybe we’ll even glue a 3″ level to a comb (my million dollar idea) to get it completely straight.
I usually get 1-2 haircuts a year, so this will save me $20-40, which isn’t so much. Lamb is saving more, because her haircuts were $55 and she got them every eight weeks (being real… Every ten weeks because I avoided the hassle and expense and she sometimes ended up a little matted), so the savings there are approaching $500.
What am really avoiding is the small talk with a hair stylist that I hate… Another chore after a long day of work, repeating the details of my job, which are boring, describing my hobbies, which are boring, having my head touched by a stranger, getting a bad haircut half the time but not asking them to fix it because I’m worried they’ll make it worse, and paying for this inconvenience. Better avoided. It takes 15 minutes at home, and the results are fine.

3 thoughts on “Cut your hair”

  1. The haircut looks amazing. I wish I could give up my every three month chemical straightening but I love my straight hair so much that it’s so hard to even think to give up. Small savings add up! Your pup looks happy too ❤


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