Song of the day: The Bitter Herb by Jonathan Richman

After reading Caroline of Un-fancy’s post yesterday, I listened to O Moon, Queen of Night On Earth by Jonathan Richman, which is one of my favorite albums and contains one of my favorite songs, the Bitter Herb

When I listen to this song, I always feel more happy with my life even when things are hard. I looked out my window and I saw the yellow the light on the trees and their new leaves contrasting with the shadows and darker green. 

When I went out at sunset to help my girlfriend, it was like I was on a whole new street but also very familiar. I can’t describe my feelings but I loved my life. 
Anyway, in my opinion, wanting is as good as having. When I want stuff, I just keep wanting it. Why not want it for one month? Or six months? Or a year? I know as soon as I get it, I’ll want something else, so why not just keep wanting the same thing for a long time? I’m human and I’ll never escape the feeling of wanting so it’s better to just accept it and enjoy it. Humans are incredible and can have such a range of feelings, so why not enjoy all of them? 
Plus, it’s good to test your patience and want something and not have it. It’s good to know you don’t need it, and that you don’t need to have everything you want. 
The bitter herb can be anything, although it usually refers to parsley, whether it’s giving up a type of food, or cigarettes, working out when you haven’t been working out, feelings you don’t like, moving to a new place, not having air conditioning. 

Well I developed a taste for the bitter herb
and that started long time ago
when I saw that the sweet and secure one working no more
I won’t cry I don’t cry
it ain’t that hard to say goodbye
it’s time to try the taste of the bitter herb

my life has changed
my life has changed
my life has changed
my life has changed
from the past

well it’s time to taste that bitter herb
I’ve tried the sweet so long
but the path of least resistance
is so strong
it’s hard to change
it’s hard to change
bitter herb is less bitter than strange
for we run from the taste of the bitter herb

it’s hard to change
it’s hard to change
it’s hard to change
it’s hard to change
it’s hard to change

and i’m afraid
yeah I’m afraid
I’m afraid
but the bitter herb when I try it
I feel more alive

From jojochords


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