I didn’t get into my graduate school of choice

SADLY, I didn’t get in to my graduate school of choice, Georgia Tech’s Online Master’s of Computer Science. How could anyone NOT want to go to a 7k program computer science program at a top 10 computer science department?


I got a rejection saying that I didn’t have any academic experience in computer science, which I can’t really argue with. I have a degree in Special Education. I’ve never taken any formal CS classes. They suggest I take some computer science classes and try again.


Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 11.49.08 AM
from music.hyperreal

Luckily, I have already been admitted to Hopkins EP as a high school STEM teacher and am taking 2 classes this summer there. I’ll take 3 more classes in the fall and reapply in the spring.


I hope to get A’s in my classes, although usually I don’t care about letter grades and am happy to get a B if a B can be had for 40% of the work of an A. But I really want to get into Georgia Tech in the spring.


Maybe this will end up being a #studyblr (er…#studypress?) where I end up showcasing my poor pseudocalligraphy skills, my 1 fountain pen and the 4 or 5 micron pigmas that I got when my ex-roommate moved out and left a trash bag that was too heavy to carry in her room, and I had to carry it out, and when it broke from being too heavy, discovered a mix of trash, lomography cameras and art pens.



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