Ripping out the used pages of old notebooks instead of buying new ones


Compared to last year, when I bought 3 notebooks at the beginning of the year.

I wanted a planner for 2018. My Rhodia planner from last year worked pretty well but wasn’t exactly right. The daily slots were too small. It had it organized hour by hour, 7 am to 7 pm with a very tiny line by each hour. But that’s not what I really want. I think this year I do want to organize by hour but I just don’t write that tiny.

I had a few Moleskines stashed away from 2014 when I binged and wanted to try bullet journaling. They were all partially used – maybe 1/5 used. So I ripped out the pages that were used and made a monthly planner in the fat Moleskine, with 2 lines per day and each month spanning 3 pages with a little extra room on the 3rd page for any notes or inspirational quotes. This is to keep track of longterm things- like bill payment, dog’s flea meds, jury duty and so on.

Then, I will just make daily pages as I need them on the day. This is exactly what I need. If I use it up halfway through the year, I will transfer the remaining monthly pages, to a new Rhodia notebook. I am not a huge Moleskin fan now that I use fountain pens since the ink bleeds and the paper isn’t that smooth. But I didn’t have to spend money to use them.


You can see the pages I ripped out in the photos here.

It would bother some people and it does bother me a little. But not so much that I would waste 2/5 of the pages in the notebook and spend $15 to solve a problem I can solve with $0.

In the top photo you can see the white notebooks are kind of dirty as well, but I’ll try wiping them off with soap and a little water and see where that gets me. I’ll call the dirt I can’t get off patina, which is an important word to know how to use if you want to spend less money.


One thought on “Ripping out the used pages of old notebooks instead of buying new ones”

  1. So basic and evident, and how many blank notebooks do we usually have.

    I’m starting to clean all this type of things. Is one of the most dificult.


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