Winter 10×10 – Outfit 1

I joined the challenge at the last minute, and in fact, I haven’t even picked out my 10 items. I just read about it on Un-fancy yesterday and decided it would be fun. 

My photography is barely OK but I decided not to that stop me from participating. If I had to worry about doing the perfect job, I would never have fun or try anything new. 

I’m hoping to get a sense of tranquility from the challenge. I am not going to worry about repeating outfits. I wonder if anyone at work will notice I’m rewearing the same items multiple days a week. 

Here are my first four items: 

  1. Black leggings. These can be any black leggings. I’m counting black leggings as an item because to me, it seems overly rule-following to limit myself to one pair. If one pair gets dirty before I do laundry, I’ll wear a different pair. It doesn’t change the styling or feel of an outfit. 
  2. Black turtleneck 
  3. Helmut Lang longline vest. I recently bought this from the Real Real so that I can wear leggings to work as a high school teacher. 
  4. Clark’s desert boots. 

Unlisted items: knit socks that my mom made for me

A fur collar that used to belong to a friend’s grandmother. 

And a brutalist tassel pin my mom bought for me.

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