Spring 10 x 10 Index

I had so much fun doing the Winter 10 x 10 that I’m doing it again for spring! Of course…I have favorites and get obsessed with them, and I’m a chronic re-wearer, as you can see in Winter Outfit 1 and Outfit 2. And of course, the social aspect is tops. The challenge helped me meet Michelle of Dreaming in Japan who is now one of my faves.

The 10 x 10 challenges help me stay happy! To be honest, I like to just rewear and 10 x 10s help me justify and have a reason to wear and wear my favorite pieces, blog about them, and enjoy them instead of feeling deprived. I had not been doing so well with my resolution, as you can see in my check in and I’m hoping the 10 x 10 will keep my cravings in check. 

Here’s my first outfit of the challenge.

Without further ado, here are some bloggers participating in the Spring 10 x 10:

Un-fancy (of course!)

Lee of StyleBee

Michelle of Dreaming in Japan

Anna of Everyday Joys

Like Kate

Leah from Thrift shop-a-holic

Lo from Capsule Closet

Nadia from My Fashion Insider blog

Comment below to be added! I want to read your blog!

I plan on taking the casual route again, and not planning it out, and just counting up to 10. Winging it is a valid way to go – planning would only take 30 or 45 minutes but winging it takes no time at all.

4 thoughts on “Spring 10 x 10 Index”

  1. I’m winging it too…I’m wearing whatever, setting it to the side, and when I get to 10, I’ll start to remix! Picking them all in advance left me feeling cramped over the winter…I only want to plan my wardrobe if I ‘m going on a trip!!


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